Irish Web Hosting

SEO & Web Hosting in Ireland

When you put a website online for business purposes, you rely on it to make you money. That’s true even if you don’t directly sell products or services through that site. Even a site that just has information regarding your business and possibly contact information is still critical because when an Internet user is spending time at your site, they’re more likely to choose you over your competitors for the answers and things they need to make solve their problems or make their lives better.

Search Engine Optimisation in Ireland

However, for as much as you might focus on search engine optimisation, organic or otherwise, to draw traffic to your site, your selection of web hosting services also matters. Your site has to capitalise on its traffic, called conversion, turning visitors into customers. While a great deal of that has to do with website design, hosting matters too.

The first way that hosting matters is how fast it is. High-speed Internet is a norm for many users now, and they’re not going to waste time on a site whose pages load slow, and if the first page never loads within a few seconds, it’ll never load at all since they’ll just back out and go elsewhere. The best way to achieve high speed loading for your website is to host it locally with a company like Website Host Ireland or FB Local Web Hosting.

Web Hosting & SEO Choices

The second way your web hosting choice matters is its reliability. The more uptime you have, the more customers you are going to get from search engines. Downtime does happen, but no reputable web hoster ever has more than a single percentage point of downtime, if that.

The third way that your web hosting choice is going to matter is in its affordability. You do want a website up and running to do business, and you do have to pay for your bandwidth, but don’t let it eat up all your profits and budget along the way.